Monday, November 26, 2007

Contemplative Walking

I have practiced a few forms of meditative walking, but not since my dog Ixa came into my life. When I walk, in my urban environment, with Ixa, the distractions defeat me: aggressive dogs, cats and squirrels, kids, street crossings, and leashes.

I also used to jog on a treadmill, and I'd find a steady pace that provided a deep, moving meditation. I miss that.

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Last week, I set up a treadmill at home, for Ixa and I to use together. I simply wanted peaceful and comfortable walking. But, it turns out to offer a meditative experience, not only for me, but for her, too! She lowers her head and focuses on the path, present in her stride. It's so tranquil, and an enormous change from her normal on-guard, sniffy, excited tromp through the city.

Surprisingly, the treadmill is our little spaceship for contemplative walking. But, perhaps, one day, we'll make a nice labyrinth!

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