Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The hills above Ashland

Ixa and her pouff mamas. :-)

There's hiking abundance here, today we hiked in the hills above Ashland:


Anonymous said...

It's Michelle.
I was following your blog to see how the move went and I am glad to see that you finally got some time to partake in wilderness recreation. How is it going?
School is hectic-our proposals for the show are due next week. Linda is annoying. Soo is fine. Alex says he is a gentlemen, but only to big time artists that he wants to teach at the school next fall (not worth telling the story on how I found this to be true) and everyone else is the same.

Jared and I are thinking of having our wedding in the middle of October. Available? What's your new address?

That is all...i will keep it short.


Eugene said...

Looks like doggie heaven!