Thursday, January 1, 2009

LA to Ashland Lift Off, 2 days and counting

Well, things have gotten sillier, if possible :-). Yesterday we anxiously awaited a call from escrow because there was a new issue with the loan and it looked like the whole deal was going to be delayed. Since we still have no domestic destination, it would have been a relief. But at 4:15, we finally got word that the loan funded and we're on for close of escrow on Friday ... erm, that's tomorrow.

The beautiful picture is my post-op pinky. I got the bandages off yesterday. It's been immobilized for 2 weeks, so I can't bend it yet. Good news is that I can finally wash my own hair - and yikes, it needs it!

Just for extra laughs, I awoke with a cold this morning. Nose running everywhere. I predict I will be disgusted when I start opening boxes in Oregon only to find wads of kleenex.

We've decided to go for the retirement house I've been talking about. This kind of house is exactly the kind of house I NEVER want to find myself living - I can honestly say I've even been AFRAID of ending up in a house like this. Had I stayed my conservative Southern Indiana course during college, in the sorority being groomed for a Republican life, this is totally the kind of house that would have suited me. Funny, all the twists and turns my life has taken, and I'll end up in this kind of house afterall. :-)

We've decided that this house is so easy, so unparticipatory, so unremarkable that we can move into it and ignore it. I won't be tempted in any way to alter or enhance it; it will be too invisible to distract me. The house will serve as a humble wet nurse to our recuperation and forward expansion. Under that bland milk-toast roof, I will build my web-site, my marriage, and my business ... well, start to anyway, we only plan to stay there for 6 months. :-)

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