Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LA to Ashland Lift Off, 3 days and counting

I've been stressing about my stuff. I've purged a lot, but so very much remains. I understand that clearing the old space for the new, but I don't desire everything to be new! Yes, great changes are underway, but some of the old is wonderful and perfect and not to be lost!

The stress comes in with not knowing which of the old is sacred and which is just noise. I feel a bit like a failed psychic - I can't choose the correct card behind the screen so I simply choose all the cards - it must be one of them!

I just found one of my old and walking sticks in the back corner of the garage. It looks sacred, but is it more sacred than the little orange plastic footstool I bought while on residency in Banff? Or the bamboo poles we used in our wedding canopy? Every object is talking to me! Why have I never learned the code to decipher these mumblings!

I guess all I can do is pack it all up and revive my spiritual radar and sort it out in So. Oregon.

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