Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LA to Ashland Lift Off, 4 days and counting

As of 12:39 pm we still have no Oregon destination! We're still waiting to hear about our first choice, and have put in a call to our third choice (the retirement house). Our second choice (a slightly dumpy Ashland house) has already been rented and our fourth choice (the Rogue River Retreat) is out due to lack of internet (!?!?!).

5:40 PM. Still no house. I think today's theme is "Oops, I forgot I'm a princess" (as in, "Why don't these people just give me what I've asked for - what is wrong with them!?"). When I suffer a moment of rationality, I don't think this move is anymore stressful than anyone else's move. It's just that I've been so good at eliminating stress from my life that to find myself under such hideous pressure is truly shocking and unwelcome.

On the up side: We've had days to pack with no rain in sight! Thank you sunny Southern California! :-) I will miss you!

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