Sunday, December 28, 2008

LA to Ashland Lift Off, 6 days and counting

Because I have a thick mane, and my finger is still recuperating from surgery, It's been too hard to wash my hair and it was getting pretty funky. My knight in shining shampoo (aka dear husband) finally relieved my misery and I now bask in cleanliness and the tingle of my peppermint conditioner. :-)

I read "The Golden Compass" last week on my trip to Ashland, then quickly devoured the movie, too. I've latched onto the fantastical theme of having your soul live outside your body, in the book it's in the form of an animal called your "daemon". I'm likening it to my notion of parts of my soul residing outside my body in my art, which includes a myriad of material objects including my house.

In "The Golden Compass" the deepest form of torture would be separation from your daemon (soul) - it would leave you as a ghost, irredeemably alone in the world in every sense. In this world and in my life, I get to separate from my daemons, yet remain vital, in fact, probably more vital instead.

As I lay in the bath tonight, I memorized my jungle green bathroom ceiling - that I installed, as well as the pine molding, the handpainted glass tiles, the heavy beam painted nude, the wood trim and the lights, that I also installed. I've started to pack my functional and decorative doodads, which is already leaving the house a little alien looking. My extrication from this house, this production, this daemon, is exquisitely self-conscious.

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